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crown elements founder - jocelyn renee

"Revolutionize hair care for locs by focusing on scalp health and the power of herbal ingredients to offer purposeful products."

Our Story

When our founder, Jocelyn Reneé, began her loc journey in 2012 and quickly realized there was a problem in the ethnic hair aisle. At that time, there were few to no hair products specifically created for locs, and the existing products available had the potential to cause buildup and lasting damage to loc'd hair. She believed that the loc'd community deserved hair care products that would give our crowns the respect they deserved.

While the traditional hair and beauty industry continues to demonstrate that it does not prioritize our needs by marketing products to our hair type without considering the holistic significance of our locs, our founder sought to create a revolutionary hair care line that not only sets a higher standard but also reignites a passion for our collective wellness.

Using only the highest-quality botanical ingredients, she formulated a product line that goes beyond mere cleansing and moisturizing. It is holistic, safe, effective, and, most importantly, it honors our locs for what they truly represent. Our hair is not just something to be styled and forgotten; it is an essential part of our identity, a symbol of our heritage, and a reminder of our resilience and power.

We hope that the Crown Elements® holistic hair care line will empower our community to unapologetically embrace their beauty and prioritize their wellness. We invite you to join us on this journey of reclaiming our crowns and embracing hair care as a form of holistic self-care. Our hair deserves the best, and that is exactly what Crown Elements® aims to provide.

Our Mission

We envision Crown Elements® becoming synonymous with holistic hair care for locs within the loc'd community and amongst Locticians.

We are on a mission to help the loc'd community avoid buildup by creating luxury products that nourish the scalp and nurture the hair.