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This gentle scalp refreshing formula works to eliminate odors, control itching and soothe dry scalp. Gentle enough for daily use.
This botanical blend of nutrient-rich oils adds a luxurious sheen to the hair while helping to maintain moisture balance.
The MANE ABUNDANCE is a nourishing blend of restorative herbs and essential oils that work together to strengthen the hair and help rejuvenate hair follicles that may have experienced thinning or hair loss. 
The Moisture Infusion is an herbal-infused moisturizer formulated to hydrate and nourish the hair and scalp.
The HERBAL HAIR TREATMENT is the perfect blend of herbs to promote scalp health and help to achieve noticeably stronger, softer hair without buildup! 
The DIVINE HOLD is a natural locking gel provides flexible hold, great shine and a smooth finish to your locs.
Our LOC BRUSH is perfect for brushing locs regularly to prevent lint buildup and helping to keep your locs moisturized.